Unique large hammam towels. This model EXPLORER and EXPLORER Stonewashed are beautifully combined in the colours Snorkel Blue and Black. Special stonewashed models with additional treatment.

For this traditional hammam towel, a special stonewash treatment has been used to create an attractive coloring effect. It has a generous size, is super soft and incredibly durable. Made by hand using old weaving techniques, it is very absorbent and quick-drying and contains 100% cotton for extra softness and flexibility. A great space-saving alternative to conventional towels, it is pre-washed and post-treated, which means you can start enjoying immediately. Mocco's ultra-soft hand-woven fabrics combine modern design with traditional techniques.

- Hand-woven cotton hammam towel.
- Soft, compact and very absorbent.
- Alternative to conventional heavy towels.

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