Benefits of Hammamtowels

About Hammamtowels

The benefits of Hammam towels

Use your hammam towel and beach towel, towel, sauna towel. The uses are endless.

A hammam cloth is a large, thin and strong towel best known in Turkey as part of the bathing ritual. A hammam cloth is woven, has a hand-bound edge and is made mostly of Turkish cotton. The cloths are often colourful, but the main advantage is that the material absorbs well and is very quickly dry again.

Due to the absorbing cotton they are great to use as a bathroom towel. They well absorb liquid and dry in no time! Our hammam towels are perfect for use on the beach. during  work-out, during a picnic or take it with you on all your travels. It takes five times less space than a regular towel. They are very light in weight. Not only convenient for travel, but also wonderful to see!