About M O C C O

The contemporary style of our hand-woven cloths hammam show a combination of design and tradition.

We find it important to offer hammam towels made from the finest materials. You can recognise MOCCO by a subtle colour palette, pretty specialised weaving technique and understated design. Discover the softness and versatility of this hammam towel.

The benefits of Hamam Towels.
A hammam cloth is a large, thin and strong towel best known in Turkey as part of the bathing ritual. A hammam cloth is woven, has a hand-bound edge and is made mostly of Turkish cotton. The cloths are often colourful, but the main advantage is that the material absorbs well and is very quickly dry again. Due to the absorbing cotton they are great to use as a bathroom towel.

They well absorb liquid and dry in no time! Our hammam towels are perfect for use on the beach. during  work-out, during a picnic or take it with you on all your travels. It takes five times less space than a regular towel. They are very light in weight. Not only convenient for travel, but also wonderful to see!

Craft and Trends.
M O C C O™ is a label where craft is combined with design and colour trends. It's all about authentic designs that are hand-woven from natural materials such as cotton and bamboo. The cloths are made on traditional looms and not with mechanical looms. The main difference of the hammam towel in comparison with modern automatic loom-produced fabric is the unique softness. They also absorb more liquid. The fabric becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash.The traditional weaving methods for production is the only way to get this result. A traditional loom  can make only 15-20 hammam towels daily.